OpenTri Training Plan for 70.3 Races
Week 11

Swim 2:30 - Bike 6:20 - Run 3:55 - Total: 12:45


SWIM 0:45
    300 Swim - 200 "Non-free" choice - 300 Swim

    Try to keep stroke count (strokes per length) even throughout the set.
    If your arms start to tighten up, work on staying stretched out -- reach out
    in front of you and finish your stroke back past your hip.

    4 x 300 Pull w/20 sec rest after each
    - increase the effort from 70% on #1 to 90% on #4

    8 x 75 moderate recovery w/10 sec rest after each

BIKE 1:05
    15:00 warm up spin
    - keep your cadence near 90 rpm throughout, increasing your
        gearing after 5:00 & 12:00

    2 x 8:00 @70-75% w/3:00 @ 60% recovery after each

    Spin easy for a few minutes and prepare for some jumps
    6 x 20 sec all out bursts w/1:40 easy spin after each

    Cool down completely until your HR returns to near 50%



BIKE 1:00
    15:00 warm up spin, beginning at a very easy pace, increasing your intensity to 65%

    Intermediate Set:
    4 x 15 sec "bursts" @ very high cadence (105-110+ rpms) w/45 sec rest after each

    Main Set
    This set is designed to develop your body’s ability to process lactic acid,
    which causes fatigue and that familiar high-intensity "burn".  Pace yourself
    through the set -- it will likely take until the second repeat to have your HR
    remain in the intended intensity area for the entire duration.

    4 x 4:00 @ 90-95% w/2:00 easy recovery after each
    - take an extra 2:00 rest after #2

    (You can also establish a distance to substitute for 4:00 of riding
    -- 1.5 miles, more or less -- and record your times for future comparison)

    Cool down completely when you’re finished

RUN 0:50
    10:00 warmup jog, gradually bringing HR up to 70%

    20:00 @ 70-75%, then a few minutes of easy jogging

    6 x 20 sec strides w/1:40 easy jog after each
    - hold longer strides with fast leg turnover

    Finish with a cool down, gradually lowering the intensity level back to 60%




SWIM 0:45
    400 Swim, every 4th 25 Kick w/o kickboard
    4 x 75 w/10 sec rest after each, begin with moderate effort on #1 to hard effort on #4

    2 sets of the following:
    15 x 50 w/10 sec rest after each one
    - #1-12 fast & even, #13-15 recovery pace;
    - the fast 50s should be faster than race pace and challenging

    (ALTERNATE SET: 12 x 50 Swim -- last 3 recovery pace)

    300 continuous cool down swim.  Stay relaxed with good technique

BIKE 1:15
This session is designed to aid in your recovery, so make sure you feel rejuvenated when it’s over.  Be sure to keep your HR below 75% throughout the ride -- in fact, the majority of your ride should be held below 65% intensity.

    20:00 long warm up spin, beginning with an easy spin in a high gear
    - increase your gearing at 3:00, 7:00, 12:00, 18:00, and 25:00 marks

    3 x 4:30 Variable Gearing set w/30 sec after each - do the following twice per set:
        30 sec in medium gear @105 rpm,
        45 sec in easy gear @115 rpm,
        60 sec in harder gear @95 rpm

    3 x 4:30 Isolated Leg Training set w/30 sec after each - perform as follows:
        20 sec right leg - 10 sec transition - 20 sec left leg - 10 sec transition
        30 sec right leg - 15 sec transition - 30 sec left leg - 15 sec transition
        40 sec right leg - 20 sec transition - 40 sec left leg - 20 sec transition

    Cool down completely, allowing your HR to return under 60% gradually




SWIM 1:00
    6 x 100 continuous, alternate Swim - Kick - Pull
    - second set of three faster than the first

    3 x 200 w/20 sec rest after each, performed as
    (50 easy/ 50 fast/ 50 moderate/ 50 fast)
    - 50s fast are not all out, this set is designed to get your HR up
        for the main set

    21 x 100 w/15 sec rest after each
    - alternate 100 easy, 100 moderate, 100 fast
    - The fast ones should be done as fast as possible while keeping your times
        as even as you can.  Try to make each set of 3 faster than the previous one.

    (Alternate Set: 18 x 100)

    300 continuous swimming, allowing your HR to return to 60% by the end

RUN 1:05
This workout is designed to be done at a track, though we will include the durations for these sets in case you’re forced to stay out on the roads, or inside on a treadmill.

    15:00 warm up jog, progressing gradually & bringing your HR to 75% slowly

    Intermediate Set
    4 x "in & out" 200’s (use 45 seconds if you’re not at a track)
    - your HR should be elevated slightly after this set, and your legs ready to move

    Main Set
    12 x 500 (or 2:00) fast w/300 (or 1:00) easy jog @60% after each
    (A 500 on the track is just a complete 400m lap + an extra 100, or lap;
    the 300 recovery jog should just bring you back to the starting point)
    #1-3: 80-85% (a little slower than 10K speed)
    #4-9: 85-90% (right at 10K pace)
    #10-12: 90+% (closer to 5K pace)
    - keep running during the recovery -- no walking!
    - if you’re too tired to keep jogging, then you’re not pacing yourself properly

    Cool down for at least 10:00, and don’t stop until your HR is back near 50%




Complete recovery day.  We’ll make sure to include one complete recovery day throughout the Competitive Season -- make sure you use this "down time" for complete recovery!

BIKE 2:10
20:00 Gearing Pyramid:
-- 3:00 getting to 50%, 4:00 up to 60%, 5:00 @60-70%, 8:00 @70%
These ILT drills are an excellent mechanism for balancing your pedal stroke -- I do them regularly, and it's really helped me get my cycling "feel" back quickly. Even if you're riding outside these days (a good idea), you should take some time before or after your ride to include this drill.
3 x 3:00 ILT w/30 sec recovery after each
-- each repeat should be
3 x (20 sec one leg / 10 sec transition / 20 sec other leg / 10 sec transition)
2 x (11.2 miles / 18km / 33:00) @75% w/3:00 recovery @75% intensity
-- hold your HR under 75% and hold a cadence of 88-92 rpm throughout
Continue spinning for at least 20:00 @60-70% -- you're deriving some
aerobic benefit as long as you're above 60% -- then bring your HR
back under 60% before finishing. Hold your cadence at 90+ rpm
throughout, though you can bring it under 85rpm for the final few minutes.
RUN 0:40
This is a steady aerobic effort to finish off your day -- do a quick transition after your ride and get on the run right away. Keep your HR under 75% throughout, and finish with 2-3:00 of walking to bring the intensity under 50% before stopping.

RUN 1:20
15:00 warm up jog, holding your HR under 70% throughout
30:00 "bulk" aerobic run: hold proper running form throughout
2 sets of 8 x 1:30 with fast foot speed w/30 sec slower jog after each
          -- 5:00 jog @60% between sets
-- let your HR drift above 80% if necessary to hold the proper cadence
Continue running at an aerobic pace (60-70%) through to the end.
BIKE 0:50
Right after your run, either indoors or out on the road (be careful if it's chilly outside -- stay indoors!). Hold your intensity between 60-70%, and maintain a cadence of 85-90rpm. Stay in your small chain ring to reduce stress and improve your recovery.