OpenTri Training Plan for 70.3 Races
Week 13

Swim 2:30 - Bike 6:20 - Run 4:45 -- Total: 13:35


Day off -- relax and enjoy...


SWIM 0:45
    400 Swim

    Take 1:00 rest after the 1200 Swim and before the 800 Pull.  The purpose of this set is to
    work on stroke technique and getting into a rhythm over the course of a long swim.  It's not
    meant to wipe you out, so stay in control of the pace.  Concentrate on keeping your strokes
    per length constant & holding good form.

    1200 straight swim, done in the following way:
        500 @75-80% intensity, feeling like a long open water swim
        500 @85-90%, building intensity toward the end
        200 @90%, very high intensity through the finish
        800 Pull @80-85% steady intensity the entire way
            (you can use paddles if you want)

    4 x 50 recovery w/10 sec recovery, nice and easy

BIKE 1:10
    15:00 warm up spin, begin at a very easy pace and increase your intensity to 65%

    Intermediate Set
    6 x 15 sec fast w/45 sec easy spin after each
    - get your HR up and body ready for the main set

    Main Set
    Let your HR gradually rise on #1, don't force it up past 90%
    - you’ll notice that it will probably take until the second repeat to reach
        the desired intensity zone.

    5 x 4:00 @90-95% w/2:00 @60% easy spin after each
    - take an extra 6:00 rest after #3

    Cool down completely

                                                          DAILY TOTAL: 1:55


RUN 1:00
    15:00 warmup, bringing your HR up to 70% gradually

    Go straight into a 20:00 tempo run @70-75%

    take a couple minute light jog before doing:
    8 x 20 sec strides w/1:40 easy jog after each
    - try to fit in 30-32 complete strides in 20 sec. & hold good running form

    Finish with a steady cool down, gradually lowering the intensity level back to 60%

BIKE 1:35
    Simple, straightforward workout designed to keep your intensity in check and allow
    your body some "active recovery."

    20:00 warmup spin, gradually raising your HR up to 70% by the end

    3 x 15:00 @75% intensity w/7:30 recovery spinning @60% intensity after each

    Cool down completely

                                                          DAILY TOTAL: 2:20

                                                       WEEK-TO-DATE: 4:30


SWIM 1:00
     WARM UP
     8 x (50 Swim - 50 Kick - 25 IM order) w/10 sec rest

     Descending time trials:
     900 Swim @70% - 40 sec rest
     700 Swim @75% - 40 sec rest
     500 Pull with Paddles @80%

     12 x 25 on 30 sec interval (leave every 30 sec)
     - alternate (3x thru): 25 kick - 25 left arm - 25 right arm - 25 swim

RUN 1:15
This workout is designed to be done at a track, though we will include the durations for these sets in case you’re forced to stay out on the roads, or inside on a treadmill.

    15:00 warmup jog

    4 x 20 sec run ups (about 100-150m on the track) w/40 easy jog (about 100-150m)

    4 x 1200m (or 5:00) w/ 400m (or 2:00) @60% after each
    - each one is performed as:
        400m (or 1:50) @80-85%,
        400m (or 1:40)@85-90%,
        400m (or 1:30) @90+%

    Cool down, bringing your HR under control before the end

                                                          DAILY TOTAL: 2:15

                                                       WEEK-TO-DATE: 6:45


SWIM 0:45
     WARM UP
     200 Swim, then
     16 x 25 w/5 sec rest after each
     - alternate (4x thru): 1 Kick, 2 Swim, 1 IM order

     20 x 75 @70-75% w/10 sec rest
     odds: (50 free - 25 kick)
     evens: (25 free - 25 choice - 25 free)

     400 Pull @70%

                                                          DAILY TOTAL: 0:45

                                                       WEEK-TO-DATE: 7:30

BIKE 2:50
An outdoor ride is preferable, but if the weather isn't cooperating you can follow this indoor alternative:
20:00 easy spin @90-95rpm, gradually raising your HR to 70%
4 x 3:00 Isolated Leg Training w/30 sec recovery after each
This set gets progressively more difficult, and adds up to 30% of the Ironman bike leg.
1 x (11.2mi / 33:00) @70-75% w/5:00 @60-65% / 90rpm recovery
2 x (5.6mi / 16:30) @75-80% w/5:00 @60-65% / 90rpm after each
4 x (2.8mi / 8:00) @80-84% w/2:00 @60-65% / 90rpm after each
Continue spinning @90rpm for at least 15:00, bringing your HR back under 60%, then 50% before finishing. (2:15-2:30 total)
RUN 0:40
Very quick transition and blast out the door at 10K pace for the first 5:00 before settling down to 75% for the next 25:00. Cool down below 60% for the final 10:00

The purpose of this approach is to "shock" your legs into realizing they need to adapt quickly from one sport to the next.


As a change of pace we'll switch the order of events today: cycling first before running outdoors (don't switch if the weather is cold -- wouldn't want you to catch a chill out there).
BIKE 0:45
Spin easy for 20:00, gradually bringing your HR up to 60% after 10:00, then 70% by the end
4 x 4:30 Variable Gearing set w/30 sec recovery
-- every repeat should be as follows:
3 x thru the following:
40 sec in "medium" gear;
20 sec in "easy" gear;
30 sec in "hard" gear
Continue spinning @75% to the end, before hopping off your bike & into a quick transition to your run gear.
RUN 1:50
This is a controlled aerobic effort, as follows:
15:00 getting loose, getting your HR up to 60, and then 70%.
You don't want to go higher than this during your long weekend runs -- we need to differentiate between harder aerobic runs at 75% and lower intensity LSD efforts below 70%.
Hold your HR at or below 70% for the next 1:00, concentrating on keeping your body relaxed and staying light on your feet. Hold your stride count to 90-95 spm when the terrain allows.
At the 1:20 mark, push the intensity up to 75-84% for 20:00
Cool down the final 10:00 getting your HR below 60% by the end.