International Distance Group
Week 10

Balance Week
Swim 2:30 - Bike 4:05 - Run 2:40 - Total: 9:15

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SWIM 0:45
     WARM UP
     6 x 100, alternating 100 Swim, 100 Kick , 100 Pull (twice through, continuous)

     3 sets of (5 x 100 w/15 sec rest after each) take an extra 1:00 rest between sets
    - each set of 100’s should be done at up to 80% intensity
    - it should feel slightly easier than a 1500 meter swim during a race
     (ALTERNATE MAIN SET: 3 sets of 4 x 100)

     300 easy cool down

BIKE 0:40
    15:00 warm up spin, brining your HR gradually up to 60%

    VG Sets :  Choose three gears while staying in your small chain ring:
        easy, medium, and hard (but not too hard!) - all @75% intensity

    4 sets of
        1:15 medium gear with moderate spinning
        0:45 easy gear with fast spinning
        1:00 hard gear with slower spinning
    -rotate through twice for 6:00 total per set
    w/1:30 recovery spinning @60%after each set

    Cool down spin to complete recovery



BIKE 0:50
    15:00 warm up spin, brining your HR gradually up to 65%

    6 x (3:15 @75% w/45 sec @60% after each)
    - every third repeat should be sitting upright in a climbing
        position, in a harder gear and at about 75-80 rpm

    Alternate Set
    6 x 3:15 @80-84% w/45 sec @60% recovery after each
    - every one should be done down in the aero' position

    Cool down completely, allowing your HR to return under 60%

RUN 0:40
    This is a moderate duration endurance run with some strides thrown in
    to recruit different muscle fibers (much the same reason we do VG sets
    on the bike).

    Begin with a 15:00 warm up jog, getting into it gradually.  Then throw in
    8 x 20 second strides at high intensity with a 1:40 recovery after each effort.

    Hold good form throughout: Hold your head still, keep your arm swings
    from crossing your body, increase your leg cadence without straining.



SWIM 0:45
    200 Swim
    2 x 75 Kick w/10
    2 x 100 Pull

    MAIN SET - Do all three sets continuously--no additional rest between sets:
    500 Swim @80-85% -- rest 30 sec before going into:

    2 x 250 @80-85% w/20 sec rest after each
    - total time should be 10-20 sec faster than straight 500

    5 x 100 @80-85% w/10 sec rest
    - total time should be 10 sec faster than 2 x 250

    (ALTERNATE SET: 1 x 400, 2 x 200 w/20, 4 x 100 w/10)

    200 easy swim

BIKE 0:50
    Begin with a 15:00 warm up spin, getting into the ride gradually up to 60% intensity

    VG Sets :  You can choose three gears in your large chain ring if you
        prefer; however, if you’re not comfortable pushing a harder gear at
        this point then keep your gearing in the small chain ring.  You should
        choose three gears that are challenging, though your HR should stay
        below 80% at all times throughout the drill.

    3 sets of
        (2:00 medium gear with moderate spinning,
        1:00 easy gear with fast spinning,
        1:30 hard gear with slower spinning--rotate through twice for 9:00 total per set)
    w/1:00 recovery spinning after each set

Cool down spin to complete recovery, allowing your HR to gradually return to 50%



SWIM 1:00
    200 Swim
    16 x 25 -- alternate 1 Kick, 2 Swim, 1 Choice (4 times through)

     800 Loco Swim
     - alternate 1 lap easy / 1 race pace (85%), 2/2, 3/3, 4/4, 3/3, 2/2, & 1/1

     Rest 30 sec before starting right into:
     5 x 300 (200 Swim - 100 Choice) w/30 sec rest after each 

    (ALTERNATE SET: 800 Loco, 4 x 200 (150 Swim - 50 Choice))

    200 easy swim

RUN 0:50
    Steady run, keeping your HR at or under 65% throughout.  Work
    on shortening your gait slightly (reduce your stride length & don’t
    lift your heels up too high behind you) and increase your leg turnover .
    This will keep you lighter on your feet and should reduce the
    pounding on your legs.

    After a 15:00 warm up, throw in
    10 x 20 second strides @ faster foot speed (75% intensity)
        w/1:40 recovery after each

    Run steady & cool down completely, lowering your HR under 60% by the end
    Alternate Track Workout
    (3200m / 16:00) warmup jog
    6 x (800m / 3:30) @84% w/(200m / 1:00) recovery jog after each
    (2400m / 12:00) cool down



Complete recovery day.


BIKE 1:15
    The main set today involves changing your body position and the related gearing to
    simulate a ride through rolling hills.  The variety should keep your interest and you
    should be aware of the different demands on your heart rate throughout each set.
    Be cautious in how you proceed, forcing your HR to stay at or under 75% throughout
    each effort.  Continue to spin @ 90-100 rpm throughout the resting interval, and make
    sure you cool down completely at the end of the workout.

    15:00 gearing pyramid warm up:
        3:00 in easiest gear,
        5:00 in next hardest,
        7:00 in the next hardest

    3 x 12:30 @75-80% intensity w/5:00 easy spinning @60% after each
        Ride each repeat in the following way, choosing the proper gear to meet the
            targeted cadence:
        2:30 in the aero position, spinning @ 100 rpm
        2:30 in an upright climbing position (in a harder gear), spinning @ 75 rpm
        2:30 in the aero position, spinning @ 90 rpm
        2:30 upright climbing, spinning @ 75 rpm
        2:30 in the aero position, spinning @ 80 rpm

    Cool down completely - keep pedaling at 80-90 rpm until your HR falls well under 60%

RUN 0:20
    Just a simple, short run to work on the transition in your legs.



RUN 0:50
    Hold your form steady and relaxed:  lower your hands to about hip level,
    minimize your arm swing (don’t cross over your body), and hold your head
    steady with your neck totally relaxed.  Limit your gait and keep the stride
    " spm " fast and consistent -- this will especially help when running on
    snowy patches.

BIKE 0:30
    Again, this is just an extension of the endurance-based run, without the
    related "banging" on your legs.  You should therefore attach this ride
    directly to the end of the run to get the maximum benefit.