International Distance Group
Week 15

Balance Week:
Swim 2:30 - Bike 4:45 - Run 3:00 - Total: 10:15

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SWIM 0:45
    Pyramid: 100 - 200 - 300 - 300 - 200 - 100 -- all Swim
    - begin with very easy effort and increase intensity through the set
    -- the last 100 should be hard

    This set is designed to help you develop a faster pace in the water,
    without tearing your body down:
    2 sets of:
        8 x 50 w/10 sec rest after each
        - hard, evenly paced efforts (85% or higher)
        take an extra 100 easy after each set

    3 x 100 easy swim, continuous

BIKE 0:40
    The purpose of this ride is to incorporate some active recovery into your week.
    If you’re tired and in need of some complete recovery, then this is a good
    workout to skip; also, if you are pedaling on your trainer indoors you can shorten
    the time to about 30:00 & still achieve the desired recovery benefit.



BIKE 1:10
    15:00 warm up spin
    - 5:00 in easy gear, 5:00 in moderate gear, 5:00 in moderately hard gear

    Intermediate set
    6 x 15 sec build to a sprint (110-120 rpm) w/45 sec easy spin after each
    - spin easy a couple minutes
    - begin the main set at 25:00 mark

    Main Set
    8 x 4:00 @84-88% intensity w/30 sec recovery after each
    - It will definitely take 1-2 repeats to get your HR up into that patient
    & approach the set with a focus on proper pacing
    - Perform each one as follows:

    Cool down completely, slowly bringing your HR back down
    - keep spinning until your HR is back near the 50% level

RUN 0:40
    Approach this tempo run with a long, low intensity warm up, but then during
    the "bursts" be sure to concetrate on quickening your stride rate up into the
    90-95 spm range.  Make sure you cool down completely to keep you in good
    shape for the remainder of the week.

    Warm up gradually, taking 15:00 to get up to 75%

    6 x 20 sec using increased foot speed, w/1:40 recovery after each "burst"

    Maintain good running form through the remainder of the time,
    gradually letting your HR return below 60%




SWIM 0:45
    200 Swim - 200 Kick - 200 Pull

    2 x 800 Loco Swims w/2:00 rest in between
    - an 800 Loco swim is identical to a 1,000 Loco, except that you only do
        a total of 2 x 100 at the top
    - this is an excellent set for wearing your Zoomers, or to Pull with paddles if you want

    6 x 50 complete recovery w/10 sec rest
    - let your intensity come down to under 60%

BIKE 0:50
    15:00 warm up spin - gradually bring your HR up to 60% by the end

    Aerobic Intervals
    12 x 1:45 @75% w/15 sec recovery spin @60% after each
    - this will feel like one long aerobic stretch to your muscles, but you should be
        able to remain fresh throughout

    Cool down completely, bringing your HR gradually back down to 60%




SWIM 1:00
    300 Swim
    2 x 150 Pull w/10 sec rest
    - do each one as (50 easy - 50 moderate - 50 hard)
    6 x 50 Swim w/10 sec rest
    - descend from #1 (easy) to #6 (hard)

    This longer set is designed to build your aerobic strength over a longer swim;
    the rest intervals will help you maintain proper form without providing too much
    recovery.  Make sure to keep your stroke count even throughout the set, even
    as the intensity gets higher.

    5 x 400 w/30 sec easy after each
    #1-3 @75%
, 5 @80-84%

    (I realize that you can't watch your HR as closely when you're swimming --
    just keep a sense of your exertion level and make sure to pace yourself carefully.)

    4 x 50 w/10, continuous cool down to complete recovery

RUN 1:10
    This is a moderately hard "aerobic interval" workout designed to help
    you build endurance while teaching your legs to increase their turnover
    rate (strides per minute).

    20:00 warm up, brining your HR slowly up to 75% by the end (not too quickly!)

    Main Set - at the track:
    4 x 1600m @85% w/400m @60% (keep jogging!) after each
    - this is similar to the intensity that you will experience during a 10km or 1/2 marathon

    Cool down completely to 50% by the end




Complete recovery day


BIKE 1:20
    For those still stuck indoors, your patience is no doubt paying off: indoor cycling is a
    much more efficient means of building power and aerobic strength than riding outside --
    not to mention the increased safety factor of avoiding potholes, cars, and semis.  That
    said, of course, it’s important to ride outside as well to build general confidence and bike
    handling skills.  In short, get outside as soon as you can, but don’t be too depressed
    if that can’t happen for another few weeks....

    15:00 warm up:
        4:00 in easy gear, 5:00 in moderate gear, 6:00 in moderately hard gear

    2 x 4:30 ILT sets w/30 sec recovery after each - perform each repeat as follows:
        20 sec right leg - 10 sec transition - 20 sec left leg - 10 sec transition
        30 sec right leg - 15 sec transition - 30 sec left leg - 15 sec transition
        40 sec right leg - 20 sec transition - 40 sec left leg - 20 sec transition

    Intermediate Set
    15 sec build to fast spining (120+ rpm) / 15 sec recovery
    30 sec fast / 30 sec recovery,
    45 sec fast / 45 sec recovery
    60 fast / 60 recovery

    2 x 12:30 @84-88% w/5:00 recovery
    - stay aero' throughout, stay focused, and go hard!

    Cool down completely, gradually bringing your HR back down toward 60%




RUN 1:10
    Begin at a very relaxed pace, and gradually bring your HR intensity up to 60,
    then 70, then 75%.

    Half way through the run, throw in 10:00 of quickened striding (90-95 spm),
    allowing your HR intensity to get closer to 80% -- but not above.

    Recover for 5:00 at 60% intensity and repeat the 10:00 effort again.
    Cruise in the final portion of the run at a very controlled, relaxed intensity
    -- keep it at or below 70% from then on in.

BIKE 0:45
    Immediately after your run, either spin outside or on your trainer.  Rather
    than the usual push to elevate your HR intensity, your HR will already be
    quite high from the run.  Instead, focus on holding your HR at or near 75%,
    and then gradually reduce the intensity by the end.  Here’s a guideline for
    those of you who are riding indoors:

    In your large chain ring and a moderately hard gear, begin with:
        2 x 12:00 @75% w/3:00 @60% after each, as follows:
        3:00 in aero position, spinning @90 rpm
        3:00 in climbing position, spinning @75-80 rpm
        3:00 in aero position, spinning @100 rpm

    Cool down completely to 60% intensity for the final 5:00