International Distance Group
Week 18

Balance Week
Swim 2:30 - Bike 5:15 - Run 3:30 - Total: 11:15

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SWIM 0:45
    300 Swim
    200 Kick w/o kick board (ok to use fins)
    300 Swim
    - swim progressively faster than first 300, building up to 85% intensity by the end

    12 x 100 w/30 sec rest after each  (Alternate set: 8 x 100)
    - each 100 should be comprised of:
    25 Kick - 25 Choice (follow IM order) - 50 freestyle, hard
    - the final 50 freestyle should be as fast as possible on every repeat

    3 x 100 easy swim w/10 sec rest after each - cool down gradually & completely

BIKE 0:45
    This is an active recovery ride and is less important that today’s swim.
    You can go for an easy spin outside if you prefer, or an easy spin on the trainer.
    Either way, keep it in the small chain ring and stay focused on active recovery
    -- keep the intensity level at or under 75% throughout the ride.



BIKE 1:20
    The main set focuses on developing a sense of pace for the shorter, harder rides.
    The intensity level is high, so make sure to stay focused and cool down completely at the end.

    15:00 warm up, as follows:
    - 5:00 in easy gear, 5:00 in moderate gear, 5:00 in moderately hard gear

    Intermediate Set:
    5 x 15 sec build to a sprint (115-120 rpm) w/45 sec easy spin after each

    Main Set
    The goal is to establish a strong pace that you can maintain over the entire
    interval -- don't start out too hard, or you'll never make it!  Also, if you’d rather
    you can substitute a distance that you can cover over the 20:00 time frame
    (anywhere from 10K to 8 miles, for most of you).  This will make it easier to
    make meaningful comparisons when we do similar sets in the future.

    2 x 20:00 @85-88% intensity w/10:00 active recovery @60% after each

    Cool down completely, gradually reducing your HR gradually to under 60%.
    After the previous set this could take quite a while to accomplish!

RUN 0:45
    Tuesday’s steady tempo run, with a few bursts thrown in to help teach your body proper form
    and faster leg turnover.  During these "bursts" you should feel very relaxed and smooth while
    developing a sense of what it feels like to run efficiently and fast.

    Warm up gradually, taking 15-20:00 to get up to 75%

    8 x 20 sec using increased foot speed, w/1:40 recovery after each "burst"

    Maintain good running form through the remainder of the time, gradually
    letting your HR return below 60%.




SWIM 0:45
    WARM UP 
    200 Swim
    4 x 50 Swim w/10 sec rest: descend 1-4 (#4 is pretty fast, ~85%)

    2000 continuous swim
    - this will be an occasional benchmark so you can see how your swimming is
    improving as the season progresses.  Fight the urge to start out too hard --
    a good way to approach this is to try to descend each 500 (each one faster
    than the one before), but don't start out too slow.  Get psyched and good luck!

    (ALTERNATE SET: 1600 Swim)

    4 x 50 easy swim w/10 sec after each
    - let your body cool down completely

BIKE 1:00
    15:00 warm up spin
    - stay in your small chain ring throughout, progressing from 85 rpm at the
        beginning to 105-110 by the end of the warm up period.

    3 x 4:30 Variable Gearing set w/30 sec after each - do the following twice per set:
        30 sec in medium gear @105 rpm,
        45 sec in easy gear @115 rpm,
        60 sec in harder gear @95 rpm

    3 x 4:30 Isolated Leg Training set w/30 sec after each - perform as follows:
        20 sec right leg - 10 sec transition - 20 sec left leg - 10 sec transition
        30 sec right leg - 15 sec transition - 30 sec left leg - 15 sec transition
        40 sec right leg - 20 sec transition - 40 sec left leg - 20 sec transition

    Continue spinning in your small chain ring, cooling down gradually by
    reducing your cadence from 100+ rpm down to the mid-80’s




SWIM 1:00
    - Done continuously, with 10 sec rest after each repeat:
    4 x 100 Swim w/15 sec rest after each, @60-70% intensity
    4 x 50 Swim w/10 sec rest after each, @75-80% intensity
    4 x 25 Swim w/5 sec after each, @85-90% intensity

    Concentrate on getting into a rhythm with each of the following swims,
    and keep your stroke count consistent even as the pace increases.
    (Pulling with paddles is fine)

    1000 Swim @75% intensity
    2 sets of (3 x 200 Swim w/15 sec after each) - 1:00 extra rest between sets
    - descend from 70% on #1 to 90+% on #3 for both sets

    (Alternate Set: 800 Swim - 4 x 200)

    4 x 50 w/10, continuous cool down to complete recovery

RUN 1:00
    This can be performed either at the track or on the road:

    15:00 warm up jog, gradually getting your HR from 50% to 70% by the end

    4 x 8:00 tempo efforts @80-85% w/3:00 recovery @60% after each
    Track alternative:
    4 x (1 mile / 1600m) @80-85% w/600m recovery jog after each
    - record your times for these to use for future comparison

    Cool down completely until your HR returns to 60%




Complete recovery day.


Coming off yesterday’s much-needed break, we hope you’re ready for a great weekend!  Today’s long ride will have some higher intensity spots in it, while tomorrow’s long run will as well.  Stay within the workout guidelines if you head outside (which we recommend you do, if the weather is cooperating); otherwise follow the indoor alternative below.

BIKE 1:30
    20:00 warm up spin:
    - 5:00 in easy gear, 7:00 in moderate gear, 8:00 in moderately hard gear

    Progressive Intervals:
    27:00 (or 15km / 9.3 miles) @75%, 1:00 recovery @60%
    18:00 (or 10km / 6.2 miles) @80%, 2:00 recovery @60%
    9:00 (or 5km / 3.1 miles) @85%, 3:00 recovery @60%

    10:00 gradual cool down spin, bringing your HR back under 60% by the end

RUN 0:30
    This is a shorter "brick run" that should be thrown directly after today’s ride.
    The intensity should begin pretty high -- you’ll still be "up" after your ride ---
    and then follow a gradual decline toward the end.  You should optimally
    spend about
    10:00 @80%,
    10:00 @70-75%,
    and the remainder coasting in toward 50-60%.




RUN 1:15
    Get into the run slowly, gradually bringing your HR intensity up
    to 70% by the 15:00 mark.

    Then begin the following:
    3 x 10:00 tempo runs @75-80%, with 5:00 active recovery jogs @60%

    The remainder should be performed at a very slow, steady
    pace @60-65% intensity

BIKE 0:40
    Immediately after your run, either spin outside or on your trainer.
    You will be feeling pretty taxed after the run, so just use this as an
    active recovery spin to bring your HR back under control.