International Distance Group
Week 19

This is the beginning of the longest cycle to date, and will require some dedication to complete successfully.  "Dedication" will mean more than having a "whatever it takes" attitude toward getting the work done; you’ll likely have to make adjustments to your general lifestyle, including getting more sleep, focusing on your nutritional needs, and in general being proactive about taking care of yourself.  You’re asking a lot of your body -- just make sure you’re taking care of it in the process!

Balance Week:
Swim 2:30 - Bike 5:30 - Run 3:30 - Total: 11:30

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SWIM 0:45
    200 easy swim
    8 x (25 Kick w/o board - 25 Drill - 25 Swim) w/10 sec rest after each
    When kicking without a kick board you should keep your arms extended in front of you,
    hands together, and elbows locked.  To breathe, rotate your chin forward and breathe to the front

    This is a "descending set", which means that your effort & speed should increase
    as the intervals get shorter.
    The 400 should be performed at an effort similar to a long open water swim, and
    the subsequent sets should get faster from there:

    400 Swim @80% intensity, followed by 30 sec rest - straight into

    2 x 200 Swim @85% w/20 sec rest after each (#2 faster than #1) - straight into

    4 x 100 FAST & even paced w/10 sec rest after each - straight into cool down

    8 x 50 easy swim w/10 sec rest after each

BIKE 0:45
    15:00 warm up spin, beginning at a very easy pace and slowly increasing
        your intensity to 65%

    2 x 3:00 Isolated Leg Training w/30 sec rest after each set:
        20 sec right leg only, 10 sec transition
    2 x 4:30 VG Set w/30 sec recovery after each - do this twice through for each set:
        45 sec in medium gear @105 rpm,
        45 sec in easy gear @115 rpm,
        45 sec in harder gear @95 rpm

    Cool down completely, gradually brining your HR down to 50%




BIKE 1:15
    20:00 warm up spin
    - start in an easy gear & follow a "gearing pyramid" by increasing by one gear
        after 2:00, 5:00, 9:00, & 14:00

    Intermediate Set
    2 sets of:
    3 x (20 sec fast spinning / 20 sec recovery), continuous (2:00 total per set)
    1:00 recovery between the sets

    The intensity of the main set will bump up against your anaerobic limit.
    These efforts should feel challenging and invigorating, but you still need
    to avoid total exhaustion!

    3 x 10:00 @85-88% intensity w/5:00 recovery @60% after each effort

    Cool down completely, allowing your HR to return under 60% gradually
    -- don’t stop pedaling (@ ~95-100 rpm) until your HR returns to near 50%

RUN 0:45
    This is a moderate tempo effort which will include some "in and out" bursts
    to increase your leg speed.

    15:00 warm up jog

    4 x "in & out" 45 sec bursts w/ 45 sec recovery jogging @60% after each

    10:00 continued tempo run, holding 90-95 strides per min.

    Repeat 4 x "in & out" 45 sec bursts w/ 45 sec recovery jogging @60% after each

    Gradually reduce your intensity toward the end of the run, cooling down completely




SWIM 0:45
    WARM UP:
    200 Swim - 200 Kick - 200 Pull  -- build into each one gradually

    2 x 800 Swim w/1:00 rest in between
    - #2 should be considerably faster than #1
    - try to keep your stroke count the same for both repeats

    6 x (25 Kick w/o board, 25 Choice) w/5 sec rest after each

BIKE 1:00
    15:00 warm up spin
    - start in a very easy gear, spinning @95-100 rpm;
        increase your gearing by one after 3:00, 6:00, 9:00, & 12:00

    3 x 6:00 @70-75% intensity w/2:00 recovery @60% after each

    3:00 easy spinning, getting ready for some "jumps":

    6 x 20 sec "jumps" w/1:40 recovery spinning after each

    Cool down completely until your HR returns to near 50%




SWIM 1:00
    300 Swim - 200 Choice
    6 x 50 w/10 sec rest, build up each one gradually to a sprint during the last lap

    8 x 300  w/30 sec recovery
    - odds: 75% - aerobic pace
    - evens: 85-90% - race pace

    200 continuous swimming, allowing your HR to return to 60% by the end

RUN 1:00
    20:00 warm up jog, controlling your HR & letting it get to 70% by the end

    This set is like a broken tempo run, done at closer to race pace:

    3 x 8:00 @80-85% w/2:00 @60% after each
    Alternative set at the track:
    3 x 2000 (5 laps) w/400 (1 lap) after each

    Gradually cool down, allowing your HR to get back near 50% before stopping




Complete recovery day


BIKE 1:45

Whenever possible you should be doing your long Saturday rides outdoors from now on.  The additional time in the saddle will help you feel more comfortable on your bike, and you will develop strong bike-handling sense in the process.  This, of course, is not to say that the merits of indoor riding (more efficient work, higher quality use of time, higher intensity efforts) should be overlooked.  We’ll keep printing an "indoor alternative" to the outdoor rides, but these should only be done when weather or time constraints dictate.

    Indoor alternative:
    20:00 warm up spin, gradually bringing your HR up to 70% by the end

    Alternate an ILT set with a VG set, performing 2 of each (30 sec between sets):
    3:00 Isolated Leg Training:
        20 sec right leg only, 10 sec transition
    4:30 Variable Gearing Set - do this twice through for each set:
        45 sec in medium gear @105 rpm,
        45 sec in easy gear @115 rpm,
        45 sec in harder gear @95 rpm

    MAIN SET (1:00): Progressively harder, shorter intervals
    20:00 @75%, holding 75% intensity throughout - 4:00 recovery spinning
    15:00 @75%, holding a slightly faster pace @75-80% - 3:00 recovery
    10:00 @80%, allowing your HR and speed to increase, @85%- 2:00 recovery
      5:00 @85% - let your HR rise to this higher level, @85-88% - straight into cool down

RUN 0:30
Steady aerobic effort, as soon after the bike ride as you can.  These "brick" efforts should be kept under control, holding the intensity under 75% at all times.



Today we’ll introduce the "run-bike-run", or "bike sandwich" extended efforts into the schedule.  These are designed to extend the total duration of the aerobic efforts & allow you to learn how to run for a longer period of time without banging up your legs endlessly.  The object is to tie the three segments together as one long aerobic effort, with the primarily endurance benefit coming during the second run -- when your body is tired, but your legs are feeling relatively fresh after cycling.  Concentrate on keeping your intensity very low throughout to enable you to extend this workout properly.

RUN 0:45
    First run should be done at a very low intensity -- remember, anything above
    60% is generating aerobic benefit, and the "more is better" approach to hard
    work does not apply here!

BIKE 0:45
    This recovery/endurance spin should be done immediately after the first run
    (set up your gear before-hand), and can be done on the trainer or out on the
    road.  Keep your HR above 60% and below 75%.

RUN 0:30
    The hardest thing about this second run is putting your shoes back on and
    shutting the door behind you on the way out!  Once you get out and back into
    it, however, you will begin to develop a stronger sense of running rhythm that
    will carry you through the end of your races.