International Distance Group
Week 22

Balance Week
Swim 2:30 - Bike 6:15 - Run 3:45 - Total: 12:30

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SWIM 0:45
    300 Swim - 200 "Non-free" choice - 300 Swim

    Try to keep stroke count (strokes per length) even throughout the set.
    If your arms start to tighten up, work on staying stretched out -- reach out
    in front of you and finish your stroke back past your hip.

    4 x 300 Pull w/20 sec rest after each
    - increase the effort from 70% on #1 to 90% on #4

    8 x 75 moderate recovery w/10 sec rest after each

BIKE 1:05
    15:00 warm up spin
    - keep your cadence near 90 rpm throughout, increasing your
        gearing after 5:00 & 12:00

    2 x 8:00 @70-75% w/3:00 @ 60% recovery after each

    Spin easy for a few minutes and prepare for some jumps
    6 x 20 sec all out bursts w/1:40 easy spin after each

    Cool down completely until your HR returns to near 50%



BIKE 1:00
    15:00 warm up spin, beginning at a very easy pace, increasing your intensity to 65%

    Intermediate Set:
    4 x 15 sec "bursts" @ very high cadence (105-110+ rpms) w/45 sec rest after each

    Main Set
    This set is designed to develop your body’s ability to process lactic acid,
    which causes fatigue and that familiar high-intensity "burn".  Pace yourself
    through the set -- it will likely take until the second repeat to have your HR
    remain in the intended intensity area for the entire duration.

    4 x 4:00 @ 90-95% w/2:00 easy recovery after each
    - take an extra 2:00 rest after #2

    (You can also establish a distance to substitute for 4:00 of riding
    -- 1.5 miles, more or less -- and record your times for future comparison)

    Cool down completely when you’re finished

RUN 0:50
    10:00 warmup jog, gradually bringing HR up to 70%

    20:00 @ 70-75%, then a few minutes of easy jogging

    6 x 20 sec strides w/1:40 easy jog after each
    - hold longer strides with fast leg turnover

    Finish with a cool down, gradually lowering the intensity level back to 60%




SWIM 0:45
    400 Swim, every 4th 25 Kick w/o kickboard
    4 x 75 w/10 sec rest after each, begin with moderate effort on #1 to hard effort on #4

    2 sets of the following:
    15 x 50 w/10 sec rest after each one
    - #1-12 fast & even, #13-15 recovery pace;
    - the fast 50s should be faster than race pace and challenging

    (ALTERNATE SET: 12 x 50 Swim -- last 3 recovery pace)

    300 continuous cool down swim.  Stay relaxed with good technique

BIKE 1:15
This session is designed to aid in your recovery, so make sure you feel rejuvenated when it’s over.  Be sure to keep your HR below 75% throughout the ride -- in fact, the majority of your ride should be held below 65% intensity.

    20:00 long warm up spin, beginning with an easy spin in a high gear
    - increase your gearing at 3:00, 7:00, 12:00, 18:00, and 25:00 marks

    3 x 4:30 Variable Gearing set w/30 sec after each - do the following twice per set:
        30 sec in medium gear @105 rpm,
        45 sec in easy gear @115 rpm,
        60 sec in harder gear @95 rpm

    3 x 4:30 Isolated Leg Training set w/30 sec after each - perform as follows:
        20 sec right leg - 10 sec transition - 20 sec left leg - 10 sec transition
        30 sec right leg - 15 sec transition - 30 sec left leg - 15 sec transition
        40 sec right leg - 20 sec transition - 40 sec left leg - 20 sec transition

    Cool down completely, allowing your HR to return under 60% gradually




SWIM 1:00
    6 x 100 continuous, alternate Swim - Kick - Pull
    - second set of three faster than the first

    3 x 200 w/20 sec rest after each, performed as
    (50 easy/ 50 fast/ 50 moderate/ 50 fast)
    - 50s fast are not all out, this set is designed to get your HR up
        for the main set

    21 x 100 w/15 sec rest after each
    - alternate 100 easy, 100 moderate, 100 fast
    - The fast ones should be done as fast as possible while keeping your times
        as even as you can.  Try to make each set of 3 faster than the previous one.

    (Alternate Set: 18 x 100)

    300 continuous swimming, allowing your HR to return to 60% by the end

RUN 1:05
This workout is designed to be done at a track, though we will include the durations for these sets in case you’re forced to stay out on the roads, or inside on a treadmill.

    15:00 warm up jog, progressing gradually & bringing your HR to 75% slowly

    Intermediate Set
    4 x "in & out" 200’s (use 45 seconds if you’re not at a track)
    - your HR should be elevated slightly after this set, and your legs ready to move

    Main Set
    12 x 500 (or 2:00) fast w/300 (or 1:00) easy jog @60% after each
    (A 500 on the track is just a complete 400m lap + an extra 100, or lap;
    the 300 recovery jog should just bring you back to the starting point)
    #1-3: 80-85% (a little slower than 10K speed)
    #4-9: 85-90% (right at 10K pace)
    #10-12: 90+% (closer to 5K pace)
    - keep running during the recovery -- no walking!
    - if you’re too tired to keep jogging, then you’re not pacing yourself properly

    Cool down for at least 10:00, and don’t stop until your HR is back near 50%




Complete recovery day.  We’ll make sure to include one complete recovery day throughout the Competitive Season -- make sure you use this "down time" for complete recovery!


If you’re outside (which is what we recommend at this point), keep your HR below 75% for most of the way.  Obviously you’ll have to push it up to 80+% for short stretches or up hills, but in general keep the intensity under control during this longer effort.

BIKE 2:15
    30:00 warm up spin, gradually bringing your HR up to 70% by the end

    Main Set
    30:00 (or 9.3 miles/15km) @ 75% with 10:00 recovery @ 60%
    20:00 (or 6.2 miles/10km) @ 84-88% with 10:00 recovery @ 60%
    10:00 (or 3.1 miles/5km) @ 85-92%

    20:00 gradual cool down spin, bringing your HR back under 60% by the end

RUN 0:30
    Steady aerobic effort, immediately after the bike ride.  Your HR will easily
    climb to 75+%, so keep things under control while keeping this consistent
    intensity level throughout the run.




RUN 1:20
    Gradually get into this run, and keep your HR steady but below 70%.
    Try to drink some carbo fluid every 10-20 minutes (beginning after the
    warmup), so you have a steady source of fuel entering your body.

BIKE 0:40
    Get on your bike ASAP.  Ride steadily and bring your HR up to 70-75%
    as soon as you can.  Keep it under control, especially on any hills.