International Distance Group
Week 26
Swim 2:30 - Bike 4:35 - Run 3:50 -- Total: 10:55

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Complete day off -- relax, recuperate, and get ready for some big summertime training! 


SWIM 0:45
    400 Swim, straight into
    8 x 50 w/10 sec rest after each
    - descend the efforts from 60% on #1 to 85% on #4, repeat for #5 through 8

    12 x 100 w/10 sec rest after each
    - work on even pacing and minimizing strokes/length
    - record your average pace per 100

    8 x 75 w/15 sec rest after each
    - each one is (25 fly / 25 back / 25 breast)
    - relax and stretch out the different muscle groups involved with each stroke

BIKE 1:15
Though Tuesday’s ride is usually very high intensity, this week we will pull back a bit, focusing instead on riding in the controlled 75% "aerobic" range.  You should notice that your speed at this lower intensity level is considerably higher than it was (at the same intensity level) a few months ago.

    20:00 warm up spin
    - begin at an easy pace and slowly increase your intensity to 70%

    3 x 12:00 @75% intensity w/3:00 @60% recovery intensity after each;
    - hold your cadence at 90+ rpms and work on a smooth pedal stroke

    Cool down completely, gradually easing your gearing and reducing your HR to 50%

                                                          DAILY TOTAL: 2:00


RUN 0:55
    This effort is designed to be total recovery, below 70%, very similar to your
    long Sunday runs.  Concentrate on holding relaxed, perfect form throughout.

BIKE 1:20
If you’re riding outside today, focus on keeping your HR intensity very low throughout your ride.  The primary purpose today is to aid in recovery by allowing fresh blood to circulate through your body without building up significant amounts of lactate.

    20:00 easy spinning - use a gearing pyramid to get into it gradually

    3 x 4:30 Isolated Leg Training w/30 sec rest after each set:
    - 30 sec right leg only, 15 sec transition, 30 sec left leg only, etc.

    3 x 6:00 Variable Gearing Set w/1:00 recovery after each
    - each repeat is performed as:
    - 2:00 in "middle" gear @65-70%;
    - 1:30 in "easy" gear @60-65%;
    - 2:30 @ "hard" gear @75%

    2 x 10:00 @75% w/2:00 recovery spinning @50-60% after each

    Cool down completely

                                                          DAILY TOTAL: 2:15

                                                       WEEK-TO-DATE: 4:15


SWIM 1:00
    200 Swim - 200 Kick - 200 Pull - 200 Swim

    4 x 300 w/20 sec rest after each
    - swim at a relaxed intensity, locking into a long-distance, "open water" pace

    12 x 75 Pull (using paddles is ok) w/20 sec rest after each
    - each 75 should be (25 fast - 25 easy - 25 fast)

    400 continuous swimming, allowing your HR to return to 60% by the end

RUN 1:05
    15:00 warm up jog
    - monitor your HR & allow the intensity to rise gradually to 75%

    400m (1 lap) recovery after each of the following:
    - 2400m (6 laps) @75% - stay in control of the intensity the entire way
    - 1600m (4 laps) @80-85% - should be at a steady Marathon/10K pace
    - 2 x 800 (2 laps) @85-90% - should be near 5K pace

    Cool down completely, jogging steadily (not walking) until your HR is back near 50%

                                                          DAILY TOTAL: 2:05

                                                       WEEK-TO-DATE: 6:20


SWIM 0:45
    5 x (50 Swim - 50 Kick - 50 Pull) - continuous
    - speed up the set as you progress

    1 x 1200 straight
    - swim efficiently, keeping your stroke count even throughout
    - record your time for future reference

    250 recovery swim

                                                          DAILY TOTAL: 0:45

                                                       WEEK-TO-DATE: 7:05


BIKE 2:00
As usual, we’d like you to take this ride outdoors if at all possible.

    Indoor alternative (only if you have to):
    20:00 warm up spin, gradually bringing your HR up to 70% by the end

    Alternate an ILT set with a VG set, performing 2 of each (30 sec between sets):

    4:30 Isolated Leg Training:
    - 30 sec one leg only, 15 sec transition - switching legs, continuously

    4:30 Variable Gearing Set
    - do this twice through for each set:
    45 sec in medium gear @105 rpm,
    45 sec in easy gear @115 rpm,
    45 sec in harder gear @95 rpm

    2 x 27:30 @75% w/2:30 @60% after each
    If you would rather, you can do a set distance for each repeat
    (somewhere between 8-10 miles) to record your pace for future comparison

    15:00 gradual cool down spin, bringing your HR back under 60% by the end

RUN 0:30
    Get out on the road as soon after your bike as possible to practice the transition
    that your legs experience during a race.  Your HR will be easily elevated after
    your ride, and don't be afraid to push it up above 80% for the first 20:00.  Bring
    the intensity down under 70% during the final 10:00 and make sure to walk easy
    for a few minutes afterwards to complete your cool down.

                                                          DAILY TOTAL: 2:30

                                                       WEEK-TO-DATE: 9:35

Sunday, 5/31

RUN 1:20
    The key here is to establish a rhythm in your stride at a low intensity to
    derive maximum aerobic benefit with minimal "banging" on your legs.
    Hold your HR under control & below 75% throughout your run -- concentrate
    on maintaining good running form the entire way.

                                                          DAILY TOTAL: 1:20

                                                       WEEK-TO-DATE: 10:55